Skinnies is a soft spreadable gel. It goes on clear, dries fast and provides instant long lasting UV protection.

Now, we all know that typically people don’t like sunscreen but they know they should use it. Kids run from the sticky white smelly stuff in the palm of their parents’ hands, and adults use sheer discipline to keep themselves and family protected. Most shudder from the sunscreen mess on clothing, in the water, and how it dampens spirits.

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Zero, Zilch, Zip

Contains no water, parabens, preservatives or fragrances

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The magic inside the tube

Skinnies Organogel™ forms a thin film on the outer layer of the skin holding the UV filters in place. Unlike water-based lotion sunscreens, there is no evaporation (or dry-down) so it dries fast and the actives yield is higher. As a waterless gel, the “water activity” is virtually zero so no preservatives are required and in fact, because there is no water many potential skin irritants have been eliminated.

The brand story

Back in 2010, on a stifling hot summer day in New Zealand… Olly had been working in the garden and came into the house to Martha, “Would you just look at me? I’m covered in this greasy white sunscreen stuff – it’s sticky, uncomfortable, and now there’s a coating of grass, thorns, and dust on my face, arms and legs! And…I’m expected to reapply more to finish the job? What’s more, the brand doesn’t even look cool on the bench, there’s got to be a better way!”

After speaking friends & family and discovering more and more about other people’s frustrations with normal sunscreens, Martha and Olly knew they were on to something. Several months later, following research, formulation development, testing, branding, IP/trademarks, and plans for marketing… enter Skinnies!

The sunscreen revolution™ was born.

The brand story - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Founders, proud parents, sunshine lovers & health enthusiasts

Our mission is to change the way people enjoy the sunshine,
through Skinnies range of innovative, non-white & NON-greasy, 
gel based sunscreens.

'Be good, do good & work good'

Protected by Skinnies...

Protected by Skinnies - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Skinnies brand athlete

XTERRA Champion

World class Endurance Triathlete

Protected by Skinnies - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Skinnies team rider

Enduro Motocross Champion

Red Bull Romaniacs Ambassador

Protected by Skinnies - Photo of Olly and Martha the founders
Skinnies lifestyle ambassador

Champion swimmer

Model & personality


American Skinnies products are designed in New Zealand and made in the USA to FDA regulations